Family.  It amazes me that I expect more from family.  Especially when they tout their holier-than-thou reteric and then treat you like shit.  Mind you, if I attended their church as a non-family person, most likely they would kiss my ass.  I don’t understand and if I did, I would fear I am them.  I think what angers me the most is that my children have to hear it.  And that these family members feel they are justified and raising their children to feel justified in their bullshit.  At least I am thankful for the awareness to use it to teach our children to be more.  While my blood boils and I have to deal with that in my own way, we can use their example to know what not to be.  To treat them and others how we wish they could…..and pray they will.  But for now, I’m pissed and that is where it’s at.