As death just doesn’t seem to leave anyone alone…..our family deals with it yet again.  It’s always different because it is always someone different.  It is sad that sometimes we do not understand the worth of someone in our life until we do not have the privilege of them here on earth with us.  Why do we take the people in our life for granted?  Or maybe, in my mind, it is hard to truly express in this life what someone means to me.  I try.  Words take you so far, actions too.  The preciousness of those who allow themselves to be in my life cannot be measured but I try.  I am always coming up less for what I think I should do or show to them.  And even if I could perfectly (in my own mind) express how much they mean to me….would they take it in as I mean?  Can they?  My only prayer is that everyone understands their worth in this life.  In this moment.  In who they are-flaws and all.  I’ve always heard we aren’t here by accident.  I’m getting that now.  Everyone matters.  Every day we affect someone in ways we have no idea.  It is not the grandstand events that touch our souls…’s the littlest gesture or word said or not said that impact the heart and shape the soul.  You matter.  Whoever is reading this, I don’t know you (most likely), but believe me (a complete freaking stranger) when I say that you matter.  Please don’t ever doubt it-you cannot and will not leave this earth without being missed.  Each morning you wake up, this world will be marked by you.