Why do people treat social media like some place to flex their closed minded opinions?  Whatever they read they respond to as if it is going to be Marshall Law unless they argue their two cents?  Why is social media such a playground for this? And it’s not the construtive ‘open to other’s opinions’ type arguments, it’s more of an ‘I’m the f*cking right one and you’re stupid for even entertaining a differing thought from my head’ type argument. Maybe it’s just me.  I have wounds. I was not allowed a voice growing up so that echoes in my head.  Maybe social media is not for me. Maybe I want an intelligent discussion to learn from one another? Or maybe it is meant to face and overcome those voices that forced me into hiding as a young kid. Or maybe it’s just that Democratic types don’t like me?  Either way, I think I’ll just go look at kitten memes.