I struggle with what exactly this interaction you and I are having because that will allow me to determine my comfort with truth in my writing.  Until I can decide I will share what I can.  Today my heart is heavy.  I wear a silver chain with a tiny baby ring attached.  A symbol of a hello/goodbye/and something I will never understand and I’m not sure I can forgive.  I can say I understand it’s part of a plan bigger than me and my family but then who am I lying to?  I’m coming to terms with the fact that this statement is a lie.  Not to my head, but to my heart.  I want to rest in it, but I can’t.  Not yet. And this is where my comfort sharing the truth with you ends.  But hey, feels good to get it out.  Thanks for reading ans watching this developmental train wreck of a blog as I try to understand what I can.  And no, editing is not my strong suit……I’m a free-thought writer.